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Leaves of Remedy

The last dragon egg

The inhabitants of Terram grew up with stories about the Cosmos Dragon, the god of the universe. He once sent dragons to create and protect the world. Hundreds of years ago, things went wrong, and the portal to the realm of the dead was opened. The dragons finally managed to close him again, but the darkness had wreaked havoc. Now that the Earth Dragons are almost extinct, all hope is in Nepheda, the last Earth-Dragon.

Eilika dreams of going on an adventure, discovering the world, and meeting the dragon gods. However, it remains with dreams; as a girl from a farming village, she has to get married and start a family. When she finds an Earth Dragon egg one day, everything changes.

Solix is called a saint because of his Earth Dragon magic. His job is to protect the last Earth-Dragon. Although he does not believe in his powers, he is determined to take his task seriously. He is put to the test when he notices that Nepheda is dying.

Aster can hardly remember her parents and her homeland. Her main rule is: don’t show anyone your magic and lead a normal life. When she meets a boy on her journey, she doubts. Is it smart to keep her magic hidden?

These three young people are the most prominent pieces on this chessboard and will determine the fate of both the dragons and Terram.